Everton offers a vast product portfolio of teas and infusions, which is over-indexed vis-à-vis the market in terms of directly sourced organic products and sustainable packaging solutions. The company leverages on an unmatched integrated supply chain to provide its first-tier clients with quality, innovation, origin traceability, and price competitiveness. Everton, headquartered in Tagliolo Monferrato (Italy), has direct operations in Italy, India and Croatia, and a sales branch in the US.

Investment thesis

Over last decade, Everton’s expansion was driven by infusions, today accounting for the majority of the company’s revenues. Globally, infusi ons continue to outgrow other hot beverages as consumption patterns in core regions are changing, with consumers seeking functional and premium products linked to well-being (relax, detox, digestion, etc.).

portfolio company

Company: Everton S.p.A

portfolio investment date

Investment status: In Portfolio

Investment date: 05/2023

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Sector: Food & Beverage

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Initial Ownership: 86.6%