Scrigno S.p.A.

Clessidra Private Equity - Scrigno Holding S.p.A.


Based in Rimini, Scrigno is a leading manufacturer and distributor of counter-frames for pocket doors and windows worldwide. Scrigno also manufactures and distributes armored doors following the recent acquisition of Master, a company based in Piacenza.
Scrigno is a classic Italian entrepreneurial success story started off by the intuition of its founder, who was able to revolutionize the concept of sliding door, transforming it into an original and different product with the introduction of the innovative solution of pocket feature. In almost 30 years, the brand Scrigno has become synonymous of quality and excellence of the Made in Italy.
Today Scrigno operates in over 20 countries through commercial subsidiaries in France, Spain and the Czech Republic, and has approx. 300 employees.

Investment thesis

Clessidra Private Equity aims to create the leader in opening systems and solutions focused on high-end design and innovation through both organic and inorganic growth initiatives (e.g. the acquisitions already made of Steel and CCE) with the objective of expanding the product portfolio and strengthening the international presence.

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Company: Scrigno S.p.A.

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Investment status: In Portfolio

Investment date: 06/2018

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Sector: Building Materials

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Initial Ownership: 99.7%