Clessidra Private Equity - ESG plan on track


ESG plan on track

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Portfolio companies involved in the annual ESG data collection and improvement path

Clessidra Private Equity - ESG due diligence


ESG due diligence
on new investments
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Investments team
trained on ESG

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030

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UN PRI module

Clessidra Private Equity - 2030


Contribution to the SDGs

Clessidra Private Equity fully recognises the importance of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into its business and investment practices, acting in the long-term interests of investors, portfolio companies, society at large, and the environment.

To this purpose Clessidra Private Equity enacts a strict ESG Policy and suitable internal process helping to promote a healthy, inclusive and sustainable global economy, respectful of human and labour rights, capable of safeguarding the environment and actively involved in the integrity of every aspect of the business.

Clessidra Private Equity is an active signatory member of the UN Responsible Investment Principles and upholds the Italmobiliare Group’s commitment with the Global Compact, confirming its support for the Ten Principles and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Clessidra Private Equity - Principles for responsible investment
Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Gender Equality

Operational and social efficiency, through female empowerment and inclusiveness.

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Decent work

Sustainable business, through the efficiency of financial, human and natural resources.

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible consumption and production: Sustainable use of resources, adoption of regenerative production cycles, product stewardship and promotion of conservation-oriented lifestyles and consumption.

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Climate Action

Supporting low-carbon transition and monitoring, mitigating and adapting the production activity for resilient value chains.

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

Compliance and integrity, following external and internal laws, rules and principles of governance.

Clessidra Private Equity - Agenda 2030 - Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships, agreements and responsibly managed investments aimed at creating shared value.

Responsible Investment

Clessidra Private Equity developed a sound and structured Responsible Investment System to ensure that ESG principles are integrated into the Firm’s operations and investment strategy, while also representing a key part of the governance of the portfolio companies.
When evaluating acquisitions and divestments and managing the portfolio companies, in a constant effort to minimise risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns, Clessidra Private Equity is deeply engaged in implementing ESG principles and initiatives, following a highly disciplined and structured approach in all the investment phases, as summarised below:

Pre investment

Clessidra Private Equity - Screening


The investment team ensures that the target company meets the terms set out in the fund regulations and that it’s aligned with the principles and ethical standards included in Clessidra Private Equity’s ESG policy.

Clessidra Private Equity - Due diligence

Due diligence

The Investment Team uses a proprietary ESG checklist aligned with the main international reference guidelines to screen for high-level ESG risks and opportunities to be assessed in Due Diligence. Based on the results of the ESG checklist, the Investment Team works closely with its consultants to investigate the ESG profile of the company and to identify opportunities for value creation that can be unlocked during the holding period.

Clessidra Private Equity - Closing


The findings of the ESG due diligence process are included in the Final Investment Recommendation document and reviewed by the Investments Committee and by the Board of Directors. The clauses relating to the ESG requirements are included in the investment agreement.

Active ownership

Clessidra Private Equity - Business integrity

Business integrity

The Investment Team promotes the adoption of an organizational model to prevent crimes related to environment, health & safety and business practices (e.g. corruption, bribery, etc.), collaborating with Portfolio Companies for its definition.

Clessidra Private Equity - ESG plan

ESG Plan

Clessidra Private Equity’s Investment Team engages with the Portfolio Companies to develop an ESG action plans and a set of KPIs and monitors their progresses, collecting cross-portfolio ESG KPIs on an annual basis.

Clessidra Private Equity - Management Accountability

Management accountability

During the ownership phase Clessidra Private Equity constantly engages with Portfolio Companies’ top management to promote their commitment towards sustainability and supervises the processes in place to address risks and opportunities and to prevent incidents. This control allows Clessidra Private Equity to ensure ESG incidents are reported to LPs in a timely manner.

Clessidra Private Equity - Investor relation

Investor relation

Clessidra Private Equity’s Investor Relations reports clear and detailed information on the ESG performance of its Portfolio Companies to LPs on an annual basis.


Clessidra Private Equity - ESG Value

ESG Value

The Investment team constantly engages with potential buyers on ESG principles and circulates the relevant material regarding the Portfolio Company’s ESG performances.